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  • Whaleback Sailboat Design Considerations

    Intended use The design concept is based on a desire to create a trailerable, shallow draft sailboat for use on the Great Lakes. The design is intended to be used to sail from harbor to harbor on the Lakes, rather than just daysail around a harbor entrance. This means that it has to be able […]

  • South Haven Dory Plans – Part 1

    The South Haven Dory is a one-person rowing boat that is based on lines of the St. Pierre dory, a traditional dory hull shape. The construction method is plywood/epoxy/composite (stitch and glue) with no building mold. It is not an “instant” boat; there are many steps to go through and the result is a strong […]

  • South Haven Dory Plans – Part 2

    Sheer Clamps – A Sheer clamps are the boards which strengthen the top of the hull. Right now, you are just going to put the outside sheer clamp on. I used 3/4″x1 1/2″ pine or fir boards which were sold as furring strips and were extremely cheap. 3/4″ is too thick, you may want to […]

  • Ham Test Help

    The following is the way I studied for the ham test. It may not be right for everyone but I think almost anyone could pass using this method. It will work for people that do not have a good background in electronics. Plan to spend two to three months in preparation prior to your test. […]

  • Healthy Recipes

    I looked at cooking, meal planning and diet from three different angles and in the end all three perspectives brought me to a certain type of menu. The result of my “diet research” is a selection of recipes made from low cost ingredients, that is healthy, tastes great and can be stored without refrigeration. This […]

  • Planning Financial Independence

    Retire Early Just about everyone dreams of early retirement and financial independence. With a little planning and determination, you too can retire early. This site is written to show one way to achieve early retirement, by maintaining a regular savings plan. Even with a moderate income, you can achieve financial independence. Many people have questions […]

  • About Cruise News

    The Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories is a collection of personal accounts by sail and motor boat cruisers. This site is dedicated to bringing you the best stories on sailing and cruising available on the internet. The Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories focuses on personal accounts of bluewater ocean sailing voyages, coastal cruising, […]

  • Offshore and Coastal Cruising Sailboats

    Remember that the value of a boat is affected by the equipment that is included in the sale. In particular, high priced equipment that you would purchase to bring the yacht to your standards should be taken into consideration when comparing boats: Liferaft Windvane selfsteering Dinghy and outboard Anchors and rode Dodger, awning Cookstove, cabin […]

  • Sailing Books

    Ocean Cruising on a Budget, Anne Hammick Many people who dream about voyaging with their own sailboat lose their dream as they wait to get enough funds together to actually buy a boat and the time to live aboard without an income. This book describes how you can buy and refit an older, seaworthy sailboat, […]