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  • Best Underwater Boat Lights

    Don’t keep the fish, or the dockside dollies, in the dark. You’ve undoubtedly seen underwater lights shining in front of boats and floating in front of docks if you live near the ocean. What is it about these lights that is making them so popular? If you own a boat, you are surely aware of […]

  • Lumitec Javelin 600X

    Style and performance unite to create the all-new Javelin Underwater Light Series from Lumitec. Designed for high performance boats the Javelin Underwater Light boasts a highly polished housing and a contemporary stylish rectangular design. Leveraging the same “smart light” technology found in our market-leading SeaBlazeX2 series – Javelin offers the same high performance, full-color RGBW […]

  • Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini

    The compact SeaBlaze Mini packs the greatest value punch in LED underwater lighting! Leveraging many of the technologies utilized in the world’s most popular underwater light, the SeaBlaze3, ensuring years of trouble free service. With an actual measured output of nearly 700 lumens, there is simply no better value in LED underwater lighting. Perfect for […]

  • Lumitec SeaBlaze Quattro

    The SeaBlaze Quattro is built on the shoulders of the world’s most popular underwater light, SeaBlaze3, and leveraging the technology of its big brother SeaBlazeX. Quattro boasts more than 2000 lumens, multi-mode output including cross fade, and a marine grade bronze housing. Available in white/blue dual-color or dazzling full-color Spectrum output. The SeaBlaze Quattro is […]

  • Lumitec SeaBlaze Typhoon

    SeaBlaze Typhoon sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and value in through-hull underwater lighting. Typhoon delivers more than 10,000 measured lumens (white), with a modular quick-change design for easy in-water service and upgrades. Our innovative internal relay simplifies wiring and significantly reduces installation costs and complexity. The solid naval bronze housing requires a 3.625” […]

  • Lumitec SeaBlaze X2

    As competitors have struggled to catch up to the performance and value of our phenomenally successful SeaBlazeX, Lumitec has jumped ever farther ahead with the introduction of the SeaBlazeX2. Available in dual-color white/blue or full-color Spectrum output, the SeaBlazeX2 delivers exceptional performance with over 6,000 lumens of output. The SeaBlazeX2 Spectrum delivers a nearly limitless […]

  • Lumitec Zambezi Mini

    Perfect for smaller pontoons and skiffs, Zambezi Mini is small, easy to mount, easy on the wallet, yet packs a visual punch. Choose single color white or blue output , or the ever popular full-color RGBW Spectrum model. Both offer a versatile 3-screw mounting footprint only about 3” in diameter. The Zambezi Mini is ideal […]

  • Lumitec Zambezi Quattro

    Leveraging the SeaBlaze Quattro, Zambezi Quattro is the perfect match for larger pontoon boats, aluminum skiffs, and floating docks. Choose from blue/white dual color or the vivid Spectrum output, each delivering more than 2,000 lumens and stunning color. Completely sealed with no external drivers. Self-isolating from metallic mounting surfaces to prevent galvanic corrosion. Perfect for […]

  • Aqualuma GEN4 12 Series

    The 12 Series is a serious light meant to illuminate larger boats, and it’s part of the legendary thru-hull family. A larger thru-hull option is the 12 Series. This bright light has the ability to deliver a devastating punch. The 12 Series is internally driven and maintainable, with a corrosion-proof, injection-molded, proprietary polymer casing. This […]

  • Aqualuma GEN4 18 Series

    The 18 Series, which is designed for large vessels and superyachts, provides a massive light output at a reasonable price in our innovative, one-piece polymer housing and can be maintained from inside the vessel. The 18 Series ultra light is housed in our 12 Series housing, allowing owners of Aqualuma 6 and 12 Series boats […]