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  • Aqualuma GEN4 12 Series

    The 12 Series is a serious light meant to illuminate larger boats, and it’s part of the legendary thru-hull family. A larger thru-hull option is the 12 Series. This bright light has the ability to deliver a devastating punch. The 12 Series is internally driven and maintainable, with a corrosion-proof, injection-molded, proprietary polymer casing. This […]

  • Aqualuma GEN4 18 Series

    The 18 Series, which is designed for large vessels and superyachts, provides a massive light output at a reasonable price in our innovative, one-piece polymer housing and can be maintained from inside the vessel. The 18 Series ultra light is housed in our 12 Series housing, allowing owners of Aqualuma 6 and 12 Series boats […]

  • Aqualuma GEN4 18 TRI Series

    The vibrant Tri Series is all about providing options. Choosing which Aqualuma products to buy has never been easier. The Tri Series combines the brilliance of blue and white LEDs within the body of the 12 and 18 Series, giving customers the option of choosing between two colours (9 blue and 9 white LEDs) in […]

  • Aqualuma GEN5 24 Series

    Bigger, better, and brighter Aqualuma’s GEN 5 Thru-Hull range has expanded with the 24 Series. Our largest Thru-Hull option is the 24 Series. The 24 Series is suited for high vessels and superyachts, and it produces a massive amount of light while offering complete colour and scene customization via the Casambi app, which is available […]

  • Aqualuma GEN5 9 SERIES

    The one-piece polymer structure is copyrighted and can be maintained from within the vessel. The GEN 5 series is suitable for a variety of hull materials, including aluminium, steel, wood, and fibreglass. Features MADE IN AUSTRALIA 10 YEAR HOUSING WARRANTY NO HAUL-OUT The ability to strobe a specific colour, which is helpful for enticing fish. […]

  • Aqualuma GEN4 6 Series

    The new 6 Series is designed to fit within the original 3 Series housing. The all-new 6 Series is corrosion-proof and incorporates Aqualuma’s injection-moulded, proprietary polymer housing, which is the most advanced material available in underwater lighting. The 6 Series can be maintained and upgraded without having to pull it out. This product is suitable […]