Lumitec Zambezi Quattro

Leveraging the SeaBlaze Quattro, Zambezi Quattro is the perfect match for larger pontoon boats, aluminum skiffs, and floating docks. Choose from blue/white dual color or the vivid Spectrum output, each delivering more than 2,000 lumens and stunning color. Completely sealed with no external drivers. Self-isolating from metallic mounting surfaces to prevent galvanic corrosion. Perfect for typical transducer/accessory brackets.

Zambezi Quattro, that also uses the SeaBlaze Quattro, is ideal for bigger pontoon boats, alloy dinghies, and floating docks. Can choose between a blue/white dual colour emission or the vibrant Spectrum output, all of which produce over 2,000 lumens and amazing colour. More than 70,000 hours of incursion and long-term permeable testing occurred into Zambezi’s wire and seal. There are no exterior controllers because it is completely sealed. Galvanic corrosion is prevented by self-isolating from metal mounted surfaces. Designed for conventional transducer and extension brackets and Voltage: 10-30vDC.


Product NameZambezi Quattro Surface Mount Underwater Light – White/Blue
Color OutputDual-Color White/Blue
Finish / HousingBronze
Voltage10-30 vDC
12v DC Amps2.1A
24v DC Amps1.1A
Related Watts25
Correlated Corrected Temperature (CCT)6500
Color Rendering Index (CRI)70+
Op. Temp F/C-31/35 to + 131/55
Diameter4in (10.16cm)
Depth1.6in (4.06cm)
IP Rating68
PLI EnabledNo
Timed Toggled Protocol (TTP)Yes
Third Party Dimmer Compatibility (3PD)No
Color Match Commitment (CM)No
CE CertifiedYes
UL CertifiedNo

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